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Psychologist and Feelings Practitioner

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Msc Psychology

Feelings Practitioner

My work.

In my work I start from the basic attitude that pain is a form of communication. These can be blockages, psychological or physical pain, which manifest their expression in dissatisfaction, crises or body symptoms.


I support you to understand your physical or psychological pain as communication. Feelings and needs are heard and seen without judgment. That sounds unfamiliar at first - and that's what it's about. To change habits and to train new possibilities for action so that you (again) find joy in the relationship with yourself, your body and in your relationships.

You are definetly right here if you


  • want to resolve emotional or physical pain

  • feel blockages and get stuck

  • are Afraid that your body symptoms will not get better

  • want to strengthen your resilience

  • want to (re) find self-confidence   

  • have a crisis and need support




get in contact.

Thank you for your message! I'll get back to you.

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About me.

My diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis inspired me to discover the connection between symptoms and feelings.

My psychology degree was the beginning of a journey ...


Lea K., psychologist

“I got great, practical and deep insights into my patterns of dealing with feelings and shaping relationships. After working with Melina, I now have new impulses to take on my feelings more and to listen carefully. In contact with others, it made me feel more courageous to give my feelings more space or to occupy more space. "



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