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My diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis inspired me to discover the connection between symptoms and feelings. My psychology degree in the Netherlands was the first step towards this endeavor.


I learned a lot about the history and the many areas of application of psychology. During my semester abroad in Aveiro (PT), I specialized in neuroimmunology.


A field that combines neuroscience (the study of the nervous system) and immunology (the study of the immune system).

And I am very fascinated. Because this area of ​​research clearly shows: A balanced handling of our emotions has a strengthening effect on our physical body and the resistance of our immune system.


In my fascination, I specifically looked for contexts in which this knowledge is lived. And gradually learned from my own body that it is possible to understand my chronic pain as language. As a hint for situations where there is dissonance between my intention how I want to behave and how I actually behave. Where do I suppress feelings and where I don't clearly communicate my needs. I am always touched and fascinated that expressing what is happening in me and sharing with others can have such a big impact:

Today I don't take any more medication, I take pain as an indication and I am consistent for what I need right now.


I would like to pass on my passion to strengthen the relationship with myself and the physical body . And support the courage it takes to implement new behaviors, expressions of feelings and needs for yourself.


My values ​​for this are sensitivity, lightness and humor in order to carefully go to the places where change can take place. I represent the principle of unconditional appreciation of my counterpart in the understanding of mutual learning.   



After completing my master's degree in clinical psychology in the Netherlands, I worked with different types of clients with personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety. I continued my education in trauma counseling, conflict counseling, possibility management and the Feelings Practitioner approach.

By integrating the tools I had learned, I developed an attitude that it is possible at any moment to make a fresh start in alignment with my own resources.

I have been working as a freelance psychologist since 2018 and support clients in their individual growth, in dealing with (chronic) symptoms and in building resilience. Working in individual coaching and group settings is a powerful addition. Supporting each other in groups and working on your own behavioral patterns strengthens the bond and offers alternatives to isolating the emotional world.




MSc Psychology. Feelings Practitioner. Possibility Management. Conflict advisor.

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