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Online training

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The Feel You Online Training is a reflection training with changing contents, which are determined by the topics of the participants.  

In the Feel You training I work with the tools from the Feelings Practitioner approach. This approach is based on the basic attitude that symptoms are our body's form of communication. The felt pain brings us into perception and points to certain points where the old no longer works and new is needed. These can be behaviors, stories or beliefs.  

The body does not only communicate with psychological, emotional or physical pain. There are preliminary stages and an individual language of each body before pain occurs.  

In this training you will learn to perceive the individual signals of your body and to focus mindfulness on the 'quiet' signals. This will help you to get out of your habits and create the shift from the familiar to the new.  



The training includes:


  • Reflection space for how you are in relationship with yourself and your body

  • Clarity about your relationship dynamics

  • practical exercises for your everyday life


Talk to me if you have any questions.

Training dates

Tuesdays. 05.10.2021. 12.10.21. 19.10.2021

19.00h - 21.00h.


Investment: 130 €. ONLINE via zoom.


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