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Feelings Practitioner.

The Feelings Practitioner work is about working with body symptoms using psychological tools. This is because every symptom is accompanied by a psychological burden, such as jugdement of pain, fear of aggravation or anger and despair about limitations. These processes usually happen unconsciously. By working with the Feelings Practitioner approach, psychological pathways in response to symptoms can be recognised, accepted, released and changed.


The Feelings Practitioner approach is based on the premise that symptoms are the body's form of communication. The pain we feel brings us into awareness and points to where old habits are no longer working and something wants to be released.


Experience shows that body symptoms arise when feelings are not fully lived through. Through internal repression, for example, arguments in the family, shameful experiences, shock situations, experiences of loss or accidents.


These emotions become fixed in body structures and evoke the same behaviour patterns and defense mechanisms again and again. As a result, no change can take place in so-called trigger situations.

The mechanisms that cause the symptom are activated again and again. In neurobiology, this process is titled 'Neurons that fire together, wire together'. This means that the neurons that carry the information of the symptom and are activated in certain situations form well-trodden paths that are activated again and again instead of breaking new ground along the way.


The Feelings Practitioner approach is for you if you


  • have chronic body symptoms and want to find new ways to deal with them

  • If you need support in challenging life situations

  • want to learn the individual language of your body

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