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Feelings Practitioner Online Workshop



The Feelings Practitioner Skillset offers a gentle approach to recognizing and being with your feelings, emotions and thoughts.

In this intensive workshop you will learn the art of being with the whole unit that you are.


Practice trusting your impulses and listening to your body's relationship offers. Understand the language it speaks.


In this workshop you will learn

  • how to find calmness in your mental chatter of thoughts,

  • how you find well-being even in chaotic emotional states,

  • How to navigate through the qualities of feelings and

  • Build bridges to different areas within you


This workshop is aimed at people with experience in the field of emotion work or Possibility Management.

The sessions take place online via Zoom:


03.07.21 17.00-19.30
04.07.21 10.00-13.00 + 16.00-19.00


Investment: 180 €




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